Vinkeveen Island 4

Vinkeveen lake (“Vinkeveense Plassen”) is one of the most popular diving locations in the Netherlands. Island 4 (Eiland 4) is the main “hub” for diving at this location. Boats are not allowed within the diving area, and max depth is approximately 55m.

It is 20-minutes drive from Amsterdam, it has all the necessary facilities for divers of all levels.


  • Baambrugse Zuwe 190, 3645 AM Vinkeveen, Netherlands
  • Find it on Google Maps: Vinkeveen Eiland 4.


  • Most of the diving points of interest can be found via a guide chain.
  • Airdiving is the main dive shop 2 mins walk from the water, offering equipment, gas filling (air, nitrox and trimix).
  • All divers are required a to purchase a day-pass which goes towards maintaining the area. Annual passes are also available.
  • Toilets and showers.
  • A small number of benches to set up your equipment.
  • Drinks can be purchased from the dive shop, but there are no real food options nearby. Remember to take your own!

What can I see?

  • Various wrecks, including a bus, barge and numerous boats. There’s also a mountain of old bikes – it is the Netherlands after all!
  • There’s two large training platforms at approximately 5m and 18m. This allows you to practice skills with kicking up and.
  • Lots of lobsters & small fish.
  • If you’re lucky, you might spot some pike (a few up to 1m long!).


  • Underwater visibility is best during winter (up to 10m), but temperatures can reach as low as 4-5c in Dec/Jan.
  • Water temperature during summer can reach 16-17c, but visibility is much lesser (especially in the shallower areas) due to the number of beginner divers taking courses.
  • Whilst drysuits are highly recommended, diving with a 7mm wet suit (plus hood, gloves and shoes) is normally sufficient from May – Oct (depending on your tolerance to cold of course!).
  • There is a thermocline at around 9m and at 20m.

Good to know

  • Main parking is free next to the water. There are approx. 40 – 50 spaces, but gets busy very quickly during summer (both divers and sunbathers!), especially as everyone gets kitted up in the parking area. Locals tend to arrive around 08:00 on weekends.
  • Take a changing mat with you – it can get a bit muddy from the rain.
  • You can self fill at Airdiving with 50c coins or with a top-up token. If you want the shop to fill for you, you’ll need to strip off regulators etc., before taking your cylinders into the shop

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