De Beldert in Zoelen

De Beldert is family run dive location on a private lake. It has been around for some 25 years, with the owners investing in new facilities recently.


  • Baambrugse Zuwe 190, 3645 AM Vinkeveen, Netherlands
  • Find it on Google Maps: De Beldert.


  • Very large dive shop / center located on-site.
  • All divers are required a to purchase a day-pass for diving.
  • Limited benches; most divers get ready in the car park.
  • Some drinks / snacks are available from the dive shop.

What can I see?

  • Various wrecks, several small boats and a airplane cockpit.
  • There is a tiny training platform, but it’s only enough for 1 diver.
  • Local pike


  • Max depth of around 20m
  • Visibility is somewhat limited (around 2-6m).
  • If you’re planning on taking photos, take into account that the water is quite green

Good to know

  • Parking is free and included in your entry ticket
  • The dive location is actually part of the owner’s home!

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